The End of Google Reader Sends Internet Into an Uproar

“Did you hear the news?”

“Yes,” I replied as I shuffled my chair in and unfurled my napkin. “They picked a new pope, from Latin America.”

“No, not that,” they responded. “Google is shutting down Google Reader on July 1.”

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I’m pulverized by this latest thing. It sounds like The Old Reader is the way to go, but having an alternative doesn’t mean I’m not shaking my fist and grumping around like a woman impersonally scorned. It’s like the museum is closing my perfectly curated personal people-watching, topic-tracking and actual news-reading exhibit.

Potatoes and greens: Colcannon for St. Patrick’s Day

“…wherever potatoes grow, there’s a dish combining mashed potatoes with some kind of cooked greens — sometimes cabbage, more commonly kale. The Scots have rumbledethumps (which includes rutabaga, as well), the Brits have bubble and squeak, and the Germans have grunkohlsuppe, which is kale and potato soup.”

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Ah, colcannon is my favorite thing about this holiday. Though I love kale, I’m not sure I’m board with messing with the cabbage version. Is it the joy of the comforting combination of potatoes and greens that inspired wackadoo names like rumbledethumps?

Passage Through Baltimore

“Baltimore had always been seen as an explosive city, hypersensitive to the shifting currents of politics. The present crisis was no exception. While most Baltimoreans felt that Lincoln should keep his hands off the South, there was also a smaller contingent of Confederate zealots there who were more than willing to go to war over it. Sending Northern troops through their hometown was like putting a lit match to a powder keg.”

via Passage Through Baltimore | MetaFilter.

One of the things I like about working in downtown Baltimore is imagining the history underneath the asphalt. It’s much closer than you’d think.

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