My Stories: BBC America / Masterpiece Edition

I have way too many opinions about television programs. A rundown on the latest BBC-type stuff catching my attention and clogging my DVR:

Call The Midwife. Was annoyed by this — too stiff, too posh, too PBS-predictable —until Miranda Hart showed up. Miranda! She steals every scene, and there’s been a few scenes where I’ve just been floored by what she does here. I love her.

Downton Abbey. Fuck you, Downton Abbey. I mean seriously, this was always crap but for the first couple of seasons it was fun, prettily-costumed crap, right? The latest series hasn’t started here in the U.S., but I’m already totally over you. Spoiled by a couple tweets — with the plot twists of course people can’t help but lose their shit and shout to the heavens — and yep, I’m OUT. RIP Mr. Pamuk. {No spoilers from me!}

Copper. Absolutely hilarious. Unintentionally so, but I’ll DVR this until the end of time and enjoy the hell out of it. I like to imagine the ghost of my great-great-grandfather, himself a Civil War veteran and resident of the mean New York streets where the action takes place, sitting by my side, shaking his head, spitting on the ground, maybe pissing himself laughing over the ludicrousness of this show.

Rosemary and Thyme. A relatively ancient series that I’m rewatching by way of WETA UK and my handy DVR. What I love about this show is how on every single one of their gardening/landscaping jobs, there’s a relatively horrific murder. And then the titular characters basically meddle in the crimes, ruining evidence and just acting inappropriately all over the place, but they’re adorable anyway. When I was struck with the hell-flu earlier this month I watched episode after episode, wrapped up in a comforter on my sofa. Cozy in every way.

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