Penelope-Jane Von Pfeifenrauch


Mention to the cat-rescuer friend that you think you need some girl-cat energy around boy-cat town, and the universe will oblige. This little thing waltzed out of nowhere, up to my friend, in a parking lot, a few hours after our words. No cat can ever replace the magnificent, omniscient Louisa, but having two boys, an old man and a young galoot, made crazy-cat-lady-land all the nutsier. After a little time acclimating with my friend, it was clear that Penelope would fit in well.

I’m not sure why she’s German, she simply is. She’s hilarious, an odd mix of darling and daring, knowing no fear — a 6 pound kitten who will relentlessly tackle and grapple with her beastly 14-pound brother, who, despite this happening routinely, is flabbergasted every time. And she literally falls all over me, sweetly purring and snuggling, so happy to be home.

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