The stars at night are big and bright

A brisk few days in Dallas with my work team. Pretty rare for a job-related trip to be rounded out so well with actual true fun. Most of this is due to working with genuinely wonderful people, but we actually managed to get out and do actual entertaining city-specific things as well. Dinner at Tillman’s, drinks at the Belmont, a picnic and concert at the Arboretum. And I stayed at the Adolphus, which was magnificent.

Sunset at the Arboretum

Lights in the trees at the Arboretum

Sunset at the Arboretum

Clock detail at the Adolphus

We ran into unexpected bad weather on the flight home and were within minutes of diverting to Dulles for the night before we snagged the all-clear to land in Baltimore. Since I hadn’t told my grandma I was traveling — she honestly does not want to know until after the fact because it worries her so much, so I have a free pass for selective truths in this area — I spent the span of time when we thought we’d divert wracking my brain with a strategy to magically zap myself from Dulles to BWI for my car in time to make her regularly scheduled grocery run this morning. If she knew I was traveling, and then that dangerous weather had altered my plans, she would have been beside herself. I wasn’t coming up with much of a plan, so I was doubly relieved when it all worked out. (And she was happy to hear I’d had such a nice trip, and thanked me a million times for keeping her in the dark about it.)

Sunset from the plane window, BWI to DFW

Haggis was the only cat who was happy to see me when I straggled in, lugging my bags, road-weary and travel-grimy. He jumped into my arms and purred, and if you’ve learned anything about Haggis, you know that it would have been equally strange for him to don tiny tap shoes and perform a little song-and-dance number to welcome me home. He’s going soft in his older age, I suppose, not that I’m complaining. He was back to yelling at me for breakfast a few hours later!

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